White pelicans in San Diego

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If you visit San Diego and take a stroll on the beach, you’ll probably see a number of pelicans flying above the ocean, or riding the waves. These are brown pelicans, who stick to the sea water and don’t venture inland. We’re lucky to have attractive weather in the winter, not just for the tourists, but also for the migrating birds. One of the birds that migrates down south is the white pelican, and this guy hangs around fresh water like rivers and lakes.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spot not just a few, but 13 white pelicans gathered together on one pond. I was even luckier because I had brought my camera with me. Unfortunately, it was getting close to noon and the weather was a bit cloudy so the lighting couldn’t have been worse, especially on the windy, reflecting water. So even though I was able to get close and take a lot of pictures, only a few of them turned out OK.

Oh, look, a duck flying right in front of that pelican as I was taking its picture. Dude, get out of the way!

Duck flying in front of white pelican
Duck flying in front of white pelican

Ah, that’s better. A few cormorants are tagging along.

White pelicans in San Diego
White pelicans in San Diego

You see the many reflections in the water? It made for very cool patterns, but it also created tons of random shadows on the pelicans and my photos came out either too light or too dark. Better luck next time!

White pelican on water
White pelican on water

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