Is that a deer? Or two? Or three?

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During our spring vacation in the Mid Atlantic states, we stayed a few days in a guest house not too far from Richmond, Virginia. The area was very green and wooded, with homes spread far apart. We didn’t spend much time at the house but one evening, while I was doing the dishes after dinner, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a deer a few hundred feet away from the house. I grabbed my camera and told my kids to follow me as we slowly made our way around the house to see what was going on.

By the time we got to the other side of the house, there weren’t one, but two deer standing there, staring at us and ready to hop away. The sun had already set and it was a challenge to take a few pictures because of the lack of light and the far distance. By the time I managed to snap a few pictures, the deer’s patience had run out and they started walking away. That’s where we realized there were two more deer hiding in the trees behind them. We’ve spotted a mule deer here and there while hiking about San Diego but this is the first time we’ve seen four deer together so close to us. One of the many great experiences we took away from our trip!

Have you been able to get really close to deer before? Or would you rather stay away?

Two deer in Virginia
Two deer in Virginia
Deer standing in the grass and trees in Virginia
Deer standing in the grass and trees in Virginia



8 thoughts on “Is that a deer? Or two? Or three?

  1. We get deer in our backyard frequently. And we live in a suburb of 25,000 people! There are houses behind us, but there’s just enough thin stretch of wooded area that they like to come by. And hop our fence. And eat our flowers. But deer are very pretty, no denying that, and I find them peaceful to look at.

    • There are plenty of mule deer in areas with less roads and homes here, that’s for sure. We get to see some when we visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where they like to freeload. Our backyard creatures are more skunks, lizards, squirrels, rabbits, squirrels, and let’s not forget snakes. Deer do eat everything, but so do squirrels. 🙂

        • Oh yes, bunnies love that stuff too. And guess what? Squirrels eat EVERYTHING. They’ve eaten all the veggies and fruit I’ve grown, as well as my roses (yum!) and ALL of my begonias, including the stems. This year I’m growing stuff in greenhouses and I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I see as beautiful everything looks in there.

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