Enjoy these fall colors for Halloween

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I don’t have any scary monsters to show you for Halloween. Or carved pumpkins. Or skeletons half buried in the backyard. Halloween happens to be my least favorite “holiday”. Sure, you get tons of candy and kids have a lot of fun trick or treating, but the decorations are just creepy, and I speak from personal experience. I set up a giant spiderweb at my front door, along with a very large plastic black widow tangled in it, and I can’t stand spiders. I really love my kids but first thing November 1 morning, that thing is coming down.

I still have it on my list to visit a large pumpkin patch and manage to snap a few good, colorful pictures. In the meantime, I’ll show you more of the beautiful foliage the sumac tree has to offer in San Diego in the fall. I need to go back to this location very soon and take some new pictures. I love the colors on the photos below but I need to work on the framing and the angles. With a little effort, I hope I’ll end up with something really good to show you.

In the meantime, these photos will have to do! Remember you can click on each sumac tree photo below for a larger view.

Fall foliage - sumac tree
Fall foliage – sumac tree
Fall foliage - colorful sumac
Fall foliage – colorful sumac
Fall foliage in San Diego - yellow and orange leaves, red seeds of the sumac tree
Fall foliage in San Diego – yellow and orange leaves, red seeds of the sumac tree

9 thoughts on “Enjoy these fall colors for Halloween

    • The sky is definitely not that blue all the time and a lot has to do with the sunlight that day, and the angle it comes in. Today the sky is almost white, yuck!

      But I do use a polarizing filter or polarize in Photoshop often, to get rid of the washed out look a digital camera can have sometimes, even in manual setting. If you wear polarized sunglasses, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your own eyes can’t always compensate for the extreme sunlight and things look very bright. Put the glasses on and you can see a lot better, even though the colors are not really changed much.

        • Most point-and-shoot cameras in automatic setting let way too much light in. If you have a free or cheap photo editing software, all you have to do is adjust the levels or brightness, and your pictures will look a lot nicer in seconds.

          The summer months here are the worst for blue skies. The heat washes out the blue and we also get a lot of haze.

          • I never edit my photos. I could do so much more than I do. Then again, I haven’t printed any out for ages. I really need to get on that…

          • I don’t print much either, and it’s a shame. But a little editing goes a long way to make things look the way you actually saw them.

  1. Gorgeous shots . . .

    AND you get the MOTHER (Mom Offering Two Halloween “Eeks” Retreats) AWARD for hanging a spiderweb and spider at your front door for your boys.

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