Bring some color to your Friday with this selection of bright flowers

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I don’t know what the weather looks like where you are today. It’s raining in San Diego, which is a very welcome sight since it will take many more rains to recover from our six months of super dry weather.

I love the stormy weather that comes with the Fall season. The wind giving a little push to the leaves still hanging on to the trees, the sun rays trying so hard to pierce through the clouds, the cloud cover ranging from bright white to dark grey.

But the rain also makes the day look pretty grim, so I’m giving myself, and you too, a little color to look at today. Here are a few photos of colorful flowers I took over the summer. I have absolutely no idea what these flowers are so if you do, please share.

Remember you can always click on the image to see a larger view.

Let’s start with the color yellow. If you look at the larger size, you’ll see some cool water drops all over the plant.

Bright colorful yellow tropical flowers
Bright colorful yellow tropical flowers

And now, on to the color blue. I love the softness of this blue hue and the lines and tiny dots on each petal, as if someone had painted them on.

Soft blue flowers
Soft blue flowers

Let’s finish with this bright pink cluster of flowers.

Bright pink flower cluster
Bright pink flower cluster

Did you see how cool looking these flowers are? Take a closer look at the translucent stigma and the fuzzy center, very neat.

Close-up of the bright pink flowers
Close-up of the bright pink flowers

2 thoughts on “Bring some color to your Friday with this selection of bright flowers

    • Thanks, I love the inside of the pink flowers. I think I have to try to get a closer shot next time. I just can’t remember when this was at the zoo, though…

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