The beautiful cloudy skies of Fall

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One of the reasons I love Spring and Fall in San Diego is the clouds. Not really the gray stratus layer that indicates rain is visiting for the whole day, but rather the cumulonimbus clouds that appear after the rain. When the light hits these big puffy marshmallow clouds just right, they are simply gorgeous. Add a little yellow from the fall’s leaves and some blue sky and this is what you get:

Big puffy white clouds after the rain in San Diego
Big puffy white clouds after the rain in San Diego

At night, clouds also make the sunset sights more interesting or even breathtaking. I love the mix of bluish grey clouds and the pink sky that often comes with a Fall sunset. These colors are look to soft to be real. Pink and gray really go well together, don’t you think?

Pink and gray sunset with clouds in San Diego
Pink and gray sunset with clouds in San Diego

As for a missed opportunity, the other day I saw something in the sky I’d never seen before. It looked like someone just took the liberty to paint the white clouds in the sky with thick brush strokes of dark gray. You could literally see the stroke marks! Unfortunately I was driving with no camera available so you’ll just have to close your eyes and imagine what it looked like. I hope I get the chance to capture such a sky one day. It would make for a very cool picture.


6 thoughts on “The beautiful cloudy skies of Fall

    • Those clouds didn’t look like that but now, you give me something else to try to spot! Although I doubt I’ll see these clouds here since we don’t get many clouds in the first place.

      No, what I saw really looked like long, horizontal brush strokes. You could literally see the each mark, very cool. If somebody painted a sky like that on canvas, people would probably say the brush strokes don’t look realistic.

  1. I hate when I see something so amazing and don’t have my camera…which is almost always. My eyes take great pictures…but they’re hard to post on my blog. I love those two sky pictures. Clouds are always amazing…no matter how many you see.

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