Travel theme: Beaches

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Today I’m participating in Where’s My Backpack’s Travel Theme photo challenge. This week’s theme is “beaches”. Living in San Diego, it’s easy for me to get to the beach, yet I don’t do it very often. I love the fresh air and the wind, the smell of the ocean. I can’t stand the sand in my shoes and driving around for a parking spot. You can’t have it all!

I featured most of the photos below on my site before but I thought it’d be nice to put them together in a single post on beaches, in this case Coronado Beach. I’m using the gallery format for this today. Click on any photo to open the slideshow. To view any photo in a larger format, just scroll down while in slideshow mode and click on “view full size” on the bottom right on the page. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Travel theme: Beaches

  1. “it’s easy for me to get to the beach”—Ah, I wish I could say those words. Then again, I suppose if you have it available 24/7, the allure can wear off. The grass is greener effect.

    Lovely photos as always!

    • When I lived in Paris, I LOVED going to the beach in the summer. When I lived in CT, I loved finding myself by the beach or a lake. I just enjoy being close to water in general. I find it very peaceful. We have different types of water bodies here, not just the ocean. I live right by the San Diego River, and even though the water can be very stagnant, I think it still has that calming effect I like, so I don’t crave the ocean as much. And I don’t have to drive and look for a parking space to enjoy it.

  2. The one time I went to Coronado Beach it reminded me of some of the beaches around here because of the sand dunes. That crab photo is a great one. It has a lot of personality.

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