WordPress weekly photo challenge: The sign says… KOALA XING!

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This is my second entry in the WordPress weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “the sign says”. I never do a double entry for photo challenges but after visiting the new Australian Outback exhibit at the San Diego Zoo today, I can’t help myself.

The whole koala exhibit has been redone and this is what you see on your way to the new location.

Wordpress weekly photo challenge: The sign says KOALA XING!
WordPress weekly photo challenge: The sign says KOALA XING!

We looked very attentively but didn’t see any koalas crossing the road. Probably because their enclosures are well secure and they can’t get out. 🙂

If you ever visit a koala exhibit in the zoo, you’ll probably notice than each male koala gets its own enclosure. That’s not because they’re considered so special, but rather because male koalas don’t get along and become aggressive and fight when put together. What a surprise…

As for the females, they all share one large enclosure and seem to get along just fine. Are you surprised? I’m not. While browsing the exhibit, we spotted the cutest baby koala, sleeping right next to his mother (you can see her back on the left of the picture). Isn’t he the cutest thing? Now you understand why I had to share.

Baby koala sleeping in a tree next to mom koala
Baby koala sleeping in a tree next to mom koala

6 thoughts on “WordPress weekly photo challenge: The sign says… KOALA XING!

  1. Such a cute photo! I was there a while ago and saw the mother koala while she was pregnant so it’s nice to see the baby. Great sign too – for a second there I thought you went to Australia!

    • I’m sure the zoo has no problem breeding koalas, but it’s always nice to spot a baby of any species. As for the sign, they tried to give us a taste of the Australian outback and I almost believed I was there for a minute!

    • Haha, me too! The first time I saw RR XING, I was very puzzled, until I studied for the driving test. In France most of the signs use graphics to tell you this information. That’s one example of a picture being worth a thousand words. Or random letters…

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