Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

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Today I’m participating in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and her theme is “walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos”. I encourage you to click on each photo to see a larger view. If you like what you see, please subscribe to this blog to receive updates of the new photos I post, usually 3 to 5 times a week.

I decided I’d step into my backyard and share with you what’s going on in there. My pink snapdragons seem to have survived the freezing December nights and are blooming again. I’m not sure about my yellow snapdragons yet. I love the fuzzy hair on the new plant growth.

Close-up of a pink snapdragon flower
Close-up of a pink snapdragon flower

After getting my produce eaten over and over by the various critters that live beyond my backyard, I’ve decided to give it another try by using greenhouses this year. The advantage of a greenhouse is that the plants should be protected from most critters. The downfall is that it can get very hot in Southern California and even hotter inside the greenhouse, so I could bake my plants if I don’t aerate often enough. But I can’t do that if I’m not around, or the critters will get in and eat it all. It’s a constant battle but I haven’t thrown the towel yet.

My kids and I have been planting a bunch of seeds and the seedlings are starting to come out. The problem is, I didn’t label most of the pots and I can’t remember what I planted where. So I’m not sure what’s coming out in some of them. Like these little guys. I believe they are Swiss chard but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Seedlings of Swiss chard
Seedlings of Swiss chard

Hey, look what’s growing in my potting soil! A freeloading white mushroom…

White mushroom growing in my potting soil
White mushroom growing in my potting soil

Oh, look, there’s more of those little white mushrooms in another pot…

White mushrooms growing in potting soil
White mushrooms growing in potting soil

My kids insisted on watering the seeds after we planted them. I think they were a bit overzealous and the soil has been very wet. I actually haven’t needed to water in almost two weeks. Inside the greenhouse, the humidity has only helped grow these mushrooms so I won’t water until the soil gets dry.

For this last photograph, I actually recognize the plant. This is a green bean seedling. Watching new plants grow is always fun and we’re looking forward to seeing new growth every day.

Green bean seedling coming out of soil
Green bean seedling coming out of soil

12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

    • Haha, yes, a lot of surprises indeed! I do have to figure out some of them eventually because they’ll need to be repotted in larger pots, or in the ground since I’m also growing some flowers. I think by then, it will be easier to see. Until then, it’s fun to guess.

  1. You have some cool shots. I almost thought about getting some tulips and crocus that are popping up in the ground…by they are really small yet. Thanks for playing!

  2. Wow – it’s so nice to see things blooming and growing! We’re still buried in snow here. I love seeing such vibrant colors after seeing mostly white and gray. 🙂

    • I should add that the natural landscape here is mostly brown and yellow from the ongoing drought. The only colors you see in nature are right by a body of water, or man grown, unfortunately.

  3. The magenta-colored snapdragon is quite lovely down to the tiny little hairs!
    The red-stemmed seedlings are very likely ruby red Swiss Chard. I’ve been growing greens thru the winter (kale, mustard greens, spinach, lettuces) and they are really beginning to take off now. I love seeing all that new growth protected by my hoophouse (unheated greenhouse) while there’s still snow all around.

    • It looks like red Swiss chard but the thing is, I think the chard I planted is supposed to have white stalks, so I’m a bit confused… Glad to hear you’re able to grow produce in the middle of winter. Greenhouses are a great invention and I wish they were used more, to prevent so much produce from being shipped across the country, especially in the winter.

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