The color purple: the beautiful blooms of the Ramona lilacs

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Well, it’s taken me a while but I finally did it! I went through all the photos I took of the Ramona lilacs in bloom during my latest visit at Dos Picos County Park in Ramona, California. I ended with a few good photos I’m sharing below in a gallery format.

If you’d like to see any image larger, just click on it and it will open a different screen with a photo slideshow. Then stroll down the page to see below the image and click “View full size” on the right hand size.

Ramona lilacs are different from the regular lilac trees you’re probably used to. The flowers are a lot smaller and much less fragrant, but just as beautiful. You can see on some photos that the trees are completely covered with clusters of purple flowers. The flowers actually look blue when they are unopened. As they open they get dark purple and when they’re open completely, they’re more of a light purple. This gives each tree a unique look and color. That’s why each cluster looks different on the photos.

Thank you for your patience! I hope you enjoy the show. And let me know what you think if the comments section if you’d like.