My 2013 calendar pick for September: a sumac’s colorful fall foliage

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If you like to see beautiful fall foliage, San Diego probably is not the right destination for you. Most of the tree leaves either never change colors (think palm trees, eucalyptus, and sage brush) or the few that do just turn yellow, then brown before falling to the ground.

But there’s one tree you can spot here and there that will stand out in Southern California in the fall: the sumac (Rhus Typhina, the non toxic kind). The sumac leaves display various shades of yellow, orange and red and the tree also features grapes of crimson red seeds in between the leaves. I found a great local spot last fall to take pictures of sumac foliage and I’m planning to go back this year for more.

I’m submitting this photo for the Let’s Be Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Fall theme so wish me luck!

What do you think of this sumac in the fall? Do you enjoy colorful fall foliage where you live?

My 2013 calendar pick for September: a sumac's colorful fall foliage
My 2013 calendar pick for September: a sumac’s colorful fall foliage