I have no idea what this plant is, but its yellow puffy blooms sure look like mimosa. Yet, the leaves don’t look like the leaves of a mimosa bush. So if you know what it is, let me know.

These ma-planted bushes bloom every year around January/February in my area. I love how they bring bright colors to the winter months. They bloom around the same time some California wildflowers start popping up, usually on the side of the San Diego freeways. These “mimosa” flowers are a challenge to photograph and I think I’ll have to spend more time next year to get the photos I really want. I probably have to get a lot closer to show the puffiness of the yellow flowers, as well as use a bright blue sky to contrast the yellow blooms. Something I’m looking forward to do in a few months!

What do you think of these and how would you like to see them photographed?

Yellow mimosa flower blooms

Yellow mimosa flower blooms

Small puffy yellow flowers - mimosa blooms on the bush

Small puffy yellow flowers – mimosa blooms on the bush


About Milka Pejovic

I'm a freelance writer, artist and photographer. I write mostly for business, not enough for pleasure, and I take a lot of pictures of the world around me.

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  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Very pretty, but they look like the type of flower that would make one sneeze. 🙂

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