The challenges of photographing a great sunset

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I love watching sunrises and sunsets – the moments when the sun greets us and waves us goodbye every day. I think most sunrises and sunsets look prettier when you add a few clouds to the sky. The clouds make the light reflect its many shades of color rather than come out as a mostly monochrome event.

Here’s my challenge when it comes to photographing a beautiful sunrise or sunset: my camera. My Canon Powershot SX130 does a wonderful job in broad daylight situations, but as soon as I try taking photos in low light, it seems to give up on me. The camera sensor’s quality is not good enough to handle the job in many situations. And forget about using a flash when you try to take a photo of the whole sky.

This is the photo of a gorgeous sunset I captured last November, a little over a year ago. I love the many colors of the sky, the shapes of the clouds as if they were writing secret messages in the sky, but the slight pixelation in the dark areas drives me nuts. It’s good enough to look at on a computer screen, but not good enough for print.

challenges of photographing a great sunset
challenges of photographing a great sunset

I hope to have solved this problem with my new Canon Powershot G1X, which is supposed to have a much more sensitive camera sensor to handle low light situations better. Now, I just have to wait for a beautiful sunset opportunity to occur to try it out and compare.

Do you have a hard time taking nice pictures of sunsets and low light situations, or does your camera do a great job?


9 thoughts on “The challenges of photographing a great sunset

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love waking up to see the sunrise and then going out to see the sunset…it’s different everyday and I ❤ to capture it! Congrats on your new camera!!

    • Thank you! Sunrises and sunsets are very different every day, at least if you have some type of clouds or weather change. In the summer, you could take a picture of the sunset every day here and they would all look the same. 😦

  2. Believe it or not, I’ve never taken a picture of a sunset. Or sunrise. Then again, I don’t suppose that surprises you. I like to leave that kind of thing to the experts like you. 🙂

  3. That is a gorgeous sunset! I agree clouds always make sunsets more interesting and I love how these clouds look like cotton candy (or maybe I’m just hungry). I just have a standard Sony DSC-W290 that seems to work pretty well because it’ll automatically adjust for the lighting. I guess you have to be in a good sunset place too – Michigan has great ones for some reason so I take a lot of those when I visit family there.

    • I love cotton candy clouds! You can see my camera does well where there’s still plenty of lighting (where the sun sets), but not so well where the sky is getting really dark. And you’re right, not every place is good for taking pictures of sunsets.

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