More rain in San Diego means more raindrop photo opportunities

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We seem to be enjoying a pretty rainy winter in San Diego. Besides the seven days of almost continuous rain we had before the holidays, we also had some rain just before and after Christmas, and again this past weekend and a couple of nights ago. The good thing is, most of this rain is steady but not overabundant, so the ground is soaking it up nicely and floods are few around the county. Another good thing is, we’re starting to see new green growth on our hilly landscape. Of course, it will all turn brown by May but we’ll probably have a green spring before then. I can’t wait!

I like taking photos of raindrops after the rain. I’ve found them on spider webs, and again on more spider webs. After the latest rain, I noticed a large amount of raindrops on the netting I put around my garden. This netting is there to protect my produce from the darn squirrels that try to eat it. So far, the squirrels have won every time.

Here’s what I saw when I stepped out in the garden. You can click on an image for a larger view. I like the wavy patterns the raindrops make because of the loose netting.

And yes, it’s my bougainvillea in the background, not faring well with all the frost we’ve had. I guess it will need a good trimming when spring comes. Talking about frost, I took a few more photos of frosty leaves last weekend, so I’ll be working on a post with lots of frosty photos. Brrrrrr….


8 thoughts on “More rain in San Diego means more raindrop photo opportunities

  1. Love the look of the drops on the netting. It’s raining in my neck of the woods today, too. But it’s coming with 50 degree weather so I’ll take it. 🙂

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