Macro Monday: ice plant blooms

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Today I’m taking part in Macro Monday at Lisa’s Chaos. This will be a short post as it is spring break and I have a full day of fun ahead of me.

Here is a macro of an ice plant bloom I captured a couple of weeks ago. I love the tiny dew drops that are still present on the petals as the ice plant flower slowly opens up in the morning sunlight. You can click on the photo for a larger view.

Macro Monday: Ice plant flower
Macro Monday: Ice plant flower

And for the people who think all point-and-shoot cameras are the same and cell phone cameras can just replace a point-and-shoot, here’s one reason why it’s not really true. I took the photo below the day before the photo above with my cell phone camera. Even though I edited it a lot in Photoshop to correct the lighting, contrast and color values, it still doesn’t compare to the first photo and what I saw in reality. I love that the ice plant flower featured more dew drops that day, but the clarity and bright colors of the first photo beat it hands down.

Macro Monday: Ice plant blooms
Macro Monday: Ice plant blooms

11 thoughts on “Macro Monday: ice plant blooms

  1. I’ve never heard of an ice plant. Love the vibrant color in the first one. I’m surprised you were able to get the cell phone photo to look as good as it does, but the first one does look more realistic. I don’t even have a cell phone so I just use a regular camera. 🙂

    • The second photo needed a lot of help in Photoshop because the phone camera settings never capture the light and colors accurately. I should have posted the original photo the phone took, then you would have seen how bad it was.
      I have no idea why they’re called ice plants because they’re drought tolerant. They grow well here in the sun and heat of Southern California and keep the dust covered. 🙂

  2. I like that you put the photos from different cameras together like that. It’s nice to see the difference. So much sharper in the first one.

    Enjoy your spring break!

    • Haha, you probably don’t need to bother, unless you need to capture the moment quickly. I use it on the go with my kids, it’s very convenient but not great quality.

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