I had the opportunity to visit the Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park a couple of days ago. It features thousands of exotic butterflies in one single enclosure, about 14 different species of them. I didn’t see all of them during my visit and managed to take photos of just a few. If you’ve ever followed a butterfly for a little while, you know they don’t like to like to sit still for too long. When they do, they often close their wings so you can’t see their beautiful patterns on the inside of their wings.

I have a few photos to share so I thought I’d showcase each type of butterfly in individual posts. I hope you enjoy them.

Remember you can click on the photo below for a larger view.

This is the paper kite butterfly, formally known as the Idea Leuconoe. It’s a rather large butterfly and its beautiful patterns are similar on the inside and outside of its wings. This is the only photo I managed to take where none of his body parts were blurry. Busy guy!

I can’t complain though. He was sitting in a great spot, with lots of bright colors all around him, which makes for a nice picture. What do you think?

Paper kite butterfly (Idea Leuconoe)

Paper kite butterfly (Idea Leuconoe)


About Milka Pejovic

I'm a freelance writer, artist and photographer. I write mostly for business, not enough for pleasure, and I take a lot of pictures of the world around me.

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  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I love black and white, so I find this butterfly gorgeous. Nature is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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