Butterflies: the postman butterfly (Heliconius Melpomene)

If you missed my previous butterfly showcases, take a look at the paper kite butterfly and the giant owl butterfly.

The next butterfly I spotted at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Butterfly Jungle this week is the postman butterfly (Heliconius Melpomene). I actually knew about this little guy before I saw him because he’s in one of my son’s favorite books on insects. Both the postman caterpillar and the butterfly are poisonous so birds usually leave them alone. The postman caterpillar even features long spikes all over its body, so I’m not sure who would want to eat it anyway. If the book is correct, postman butterflies really like passion flowers. That’s about how much I know about this guy!

Remember you can click on the photo below to see it in a larger format.

Postman butterfly (Heliconius Melpomene)
Postman butterfly (Heliconius Melpomene)

2 thoughts on “Butterflies: the postman butterfly (Heliconius Melpomene)

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