Macro Monday: The beautiful roses of Balboa Park

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Today I’m taking part in Macro Monday at Lisa’s Chaos. Remember you can click on each image to see it in a larger format.

I spent yesterday morning at San Diego’s Balboa Park with my kids and one of our stops was the rose garden. I actually went there to take photos for another photo challenge (coming up tomorrow) but I ended taking a lot more photos when I saw the beautiful roses in bloom. So many sizes, colors and fragrances, a delight to walk through such garden, even with a slight rain!

Here are a few of my picks. I hope you enjoy this burst of color!

I love this first rose as it displays so many different colors on its petals. When you look at the various roses on the same rose tree, they all have different colors, which makes me think there was some cross-pollination to explain the yellow tint. Multi-color roses are quite something.

Macro Monday: roses at San Diego Balboa Park
Macro Monday: roses at San Diego Balboa Park

I love this purple rose and had to snap a photo of it!  If you click on it to view the larger image, you can see some tiny rain droplets on the petals.

Macro Monday: Close-up of a purple rose
Macro Monday: Close-up of a purple rose

I’m very happy with the composition of this next shot. I took several photos of this yellow rose but when I opened this image, I knew it was it. No cropping or editing necessary. I love these lucky shots!

Macro Monday: Close-up of a yellow rose at Balboa Park
Macro Monday: Close-up of a yellow rose at Balboa Park

It’s worth clicking on this last photo to see the details of the rose pistils. I got a couple of photos of this rose with a bee inside and I’m saving them for another post.

Macro Monday: Rose pistils at the Balboa Park rose garden
Macro Monday: Rose pistils at the Balboa Park rose garden

19 thoughts on “Macro Monday: The beautiful roses of Balboa Park

  1. Those are amazing! I’ve never seen a rose like that first multi-colored one. The delicate texture in the petals really came through in these. They look edible. I love the details in the last one too.

    • Isn’t that multi-color rose amazing? And they had a few kinds like that, so I’d love to go back at some point. The petals look so soft and velvety on the photos. I think it has to do with the lighting. I was worried about taking photos of a very cloudy day but I think the clouds filtered the light just right to give everything a soft glow. Sometimes clouds are a good thing!

  2. Really gorgeous photos, Milka. I LOVE yellow roses. Yellow isn’t even one of my favorite colors, but there’s something about a yellow rose. We really can’t improve on nature, can we? Luckily there are photographers like you who can capture it. 🙂

    • I don’t like yellow anywhere but on flowers either, and like you, I think yellow roses look beautiful (and they usually smell delicious). My favorite rose color is the tea rose (yellow/orange/pink hues). That’s just perfect. I think I may have one of them in tomorrow’s post.
      Glad you liked these photos!

    • Thank you very much, Jane! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I have a few more photos of roses to share and like you, I have a hard time deciding if I have any clear favorites.

    • Thank you very much, Terri, for stopping by and taking the time to comment today. I’m glad you love taking photos of flowers like me. They do a great job at displaying nature in all its beauty.

  3. That yellow rose photo is perfect. I like them all, really, but that one is definitely my favorite.

    • Well, thank you very much, Eric! I really love to photograph nature up close and show the little details we often can’t see well with the naked eye. Nature is indeed beautiful.

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