Sunday Post: Christmas tree

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Today I’m participating in the Sunday Post photo challenge and the theme is, very appropriately, Christmas tree. You can click on each photo for a larger view. If you enjoy my images, I encourage you to subscribe and receive updates when I post new photos, usually 3 to 5 times a week.

Here’s a recent view of downtown San Diego in the evening, where you can catch a glimpse of the lights shaped like a Christmas tree at Seaport Village. I took this photo from all the way across the San Diego bay, in Coronado.

Sunday Post: Christmas tree downtown San Diego at night
Sunday Post: Christmas tree downtown San Diego at night

Here’s the Christmas tree from closer. It was very hard to get a sharp photo from so far away.

Sunday Post: Christmas tree at San Diego's Seaport Village
Sunday Post: Christmas tree at San Diego’s Seaport Village

In comparison, our Christmas tree at home is tiny. Six foot tall, it was decorated with a lot of zeal by my kids. Most of our presents are now under the tree, along with our elf on the shelf who wanted to take a closer look at the presents last night. Our pile of  presents will be complete on Christmas morning, after Santa makes a pit stop at our house.

Our Christmas tree
Our Christmas tree

This photo challenge reminds me I should grab my camera and take more photos of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Are you really for the holidays?


12 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Christmas tree

  1. I’m always ready for the holidays! Thank goodness, we have almost one a month to keep us holiday hounds happy, happy, happy!

    PS. Your photos are beautiful! I wish I still used paper calendars just so I could order one. Any chance of taking this idea digital?

    • Christmas lasts from Thanksgiving to after New Year’s Day at our house and that’s the way we like it.

      As for taking my photos digital, I’ve been thinking of making and selling screensavers, as use the same theme as the calendars. Would that work for you, or are you looking into something different when you mean digital?

      • That sounds wonderful! I know a lot more people are now using phone and computer calendars. I haven’t used a paper calendar for a couple of years now. A screen saver, sounds like a good alternative to a traditional calendar.

  2. Pretty tree! At least yours is color-coordinated. My sons decorate ours and it’s “any way goes.”

    I’m almost ready. Just have to wrap all the presents and make one more baked good. Phew!

    • Well, I have a silver and blue theme going on, which I really like. After that, we load up the ornaments on the tree, and they’re all different. I have a tradition stating we get a new ornament every year and we pick it together, and it doesn’t have to match anything we already have. So now we have tons of ornaments and it’s the most fun part of taking the Christmas tree out. I’m ahead of you on the present wrapping, since I’m all done!

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