A closer look at the Baccharis Sarothroides bush

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A few weeks ago, I gave you a glimpse of the Baccharis Sarothroides bush when I took part in a photo challenge on texture. Today, I wanted to share a few more of the photos I took that day in November while walking through Mission Trails regional park in San Diego County.

The Baccharis bush is very large and tall (probably 7 to 8 feet both ways). Besides its significant size, it doesn’t really stand out, except when it blooms, apparently in late fall. Even though the blooms of the Baccharis Sarothroides bush are not specifically colorful, they’re very numerous and fluffy, and that’s what got my attention.

Click on any image to view the slideshow. To see a larger view of my Baccharis bush photos, scroll down while in slideshow mode and click on “view full size”.

I hope these blooms don’t make you sneeze!