My 2013 calendar pick for December: pine cones up the pine tree

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Picking the right photo to use for the month of December in my 2013 photo calendar was quite a challenge. I wanted to have something that would illustrate the holidays and winter for most people, but it’s not an easy task when you live in warm and sunny San Diego, California.

After a few days shuffling a few photos around, I settled on the picture below. I actually took it this past June, while visiting Lake Hemet, California. The whole area, including the town of Idyllwild, features a large amount of trees, most of them pine trees. I love the smell of pine trees, and I really like the shape of pine cones too, so I was happy when I spotted these pines cones up the pine tree, surrounded with plenty of long and green pine needles. Don’t forget you can click on the photo for a larger view.

My 2013 calendar pick for December: pine cones up the pine tree
My 2013 calendar pick for December: pine cones up the pine tree

I have a good idea for a more snowy photo I can use in my 2014 photo calendar but I won’t know if I manage to snap that photo until we reach the rainy season and it snows in our local mountains. Yes, we do get snow in San Diego County in the winter if the weather cooperates! But you won’t see me playing it in because I hate the while stuff…