Macro Monday: green praying mantis

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Today I’m taking part in the Macro Monday photo challenge. If you like what you see, I encourage you to subscribe so you can enjoy the new photos I post a few times a week.

My kids and I were observing a large bumblebee collecting nectar in a pink flower yesterday when my oldest spotted this green praying mantis on the plant’s leaves right underneath. I first took this photo and unfortunately the praying mantis wasn’t sitting at the right angle and the bright sunlight reflected a lot from it.

Macro Monday: green praying mantis
Macro Monday: green praying mantis

After it got tired of me snapping pictures up close, the insect moved around a bit. Just enough for me to get a much better picture. Now, I’m usually not the self-bragging type but this praying mantis below looks darn good, especially for my first time capturing this insect!

Macro Monday: green praying mantis
Macro Monday: green praying mantis



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