Wordless Wednesday: bat-eared fox

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Wordless Wednesday: bat-eared fox
Wordless Wednesday: bat-eared fox

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: bat-eared fox

    • I had no idea what you were talking about so I had to google it. Wow. How do I get those few minutes of my life back? Really, wow. I guess that’s what meth can do to you. Kids, don’t do drugs.

  1. Very cute! It’s strange how a fox can look like a combination of a cat and a dog. Was this one someone’s pet? I wonder what kind of a pet a fox would make.

    • It was at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I think it’s one of the animal ambassadors. Usually they’re used to humans very early on and that’s what makes them a good pick. I don’t know about having a fox as a pet, they’re still pretty wild. I think people in the Sahara desert sometimes as fennecs as pets (and mangooses) because they eat snakes. Fennecs are even cuter than this one.

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