Today I’m taking part in the photo challenge called Festival of Leaves (this is week 4). You can view my contribution to week 1 and week 2. You can click on each photo for a larger view. If you like what you see, I encourage you to subscribe so you can enjoy the new photos I post a few times a week.

Unlike the East Coast, it’s a challenge to see some colorful fall foliage in the San Diego area. After all, most of our landscape is covered with chaparral, California sage brush, a variety of grasses and tons of cacti. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I happened to drive right by this beautiful maple tree during a recent day trip to the mountain town of Julian, California, about an hour away from San Diego.

Festival of leaves - week 4 - maple tree fall foliage

Festival of leaves – week 4 – maple tree fall foliage

It was standing tall and proud in someone’s large front yard. I can’t imagine how ecstatic those people must be every fall when the leaves of their tree start turning. Here’s a closer look at these beautiful leaves. By the way, it was an absolutely beautiful day after the very windy Santa Ana winds died down.

Red maple leaves on maple tree

Red maple leaves on maple tree

Here are a few more maple leaves with the sunlight shining the other way. They almost look golden there.

Maple tree leaves

Maple tree leaves

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I'm a freelance writer, artist and photographer. I write mostly for business, not enough for pleasure, and I take a lot of pictures of the world around me.

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  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I often admonish myself for not noticing the little things about nature, but when it comes to fall trees, I notice them in abundance. Even driving my kids to school is a treat, because I get so caught up in the fall colors. Love it.

  2. Sheila says:

    Wow – that’s so red that it’s almost pink! That’s great that you stopped to take those photos. Our leaves don’t normally get very bright here either – supposedly it has something to do with the ocean air so it’s nice to see bright fall colors like that.

    • mpejovic says:

      I was lucky enough to be able to pick a few leaves to take back home. Unfortunately they get darker when they dry up, but they are still beautiful to look at. We’ll be using them and other leaves to create some type of fall art project soon.

  3. verenacave says:

    What an amazing photo! The contrast between this fantastic red and the blue of the sky makes it so vivid… Thanks a lot for taking part and see you again next week 😉

  4. verenacave says:

    Reblogged this on Festival of Leaves.

  5. chrisstov says:

    Very colourful and impressive pictures.

  6. The sweet colors of autumn – enjoy while you can. Ours are totally done by now, all trees bare, snowflakes dancing in the air today….

    • mpejovic says:

      We still have leaves on those trees that are supposed to lose them (otherwise we have brush and cactus), but they’ll be gone by the end of November and back in April.

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