Help me pick photos for my main 2014 nature photography calendar

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Today, I’m asking your feedback on photos I’d like to include in my 2014 calendar on flowers and blooms. Just tell me which ones you’d really want to see, and which ones I should definitely keep or get rid of. I appreciate your honest feedback.

I assigned a month to each photo. Some months only have one picture assigned to them, others have several. Give me your honest opinion of which photo would be best for each month. If you don’t like the single photo for a month and would rather see another one on this list, please let me know too. For example, if you’d like to see raindrops in February but prefer the ones I chose for March instead of that month, tell me so.

Remember that everyone who comments on one of my 2014 photo calendar related posts will be entered in a drawing to win one of my calendars (you can pick your favorite theme). The only requirement I have for the winner is to be located within the U.S., mostly because the calendar will contain U.S. holidays and it will be more helpful to that person. For every calendar post that you comment on, you will earn one drawing entry (one entry per blog post, not per comment). I’m planning to give away one calendar to a lucky winner, and possibly another one to the person who comes in second, depending on the number of participants.

You can click on any photo below to open the slideshow and view everything in a larger format. Please include your comments into the post comment section directly, not on individual photos, to make it easier for everyone to see your feedback. Thank you!


11 thoughts on “Help me pick photos for my main 2014 nature photography calendar

  1. This is really difficult, because they’re all wonderful. I think you’ve done a brilliant job of narrowing them down. These are just the ones that stood out to me most. If I didn’t list one for a particular month, it means I just can’t–they’re all good. 🙂

    Pear blossom for March
    Yellow rose for May
    Plumeria for July
    Seagull for August though I love the ocean waves, too
    Pink water lily 1 for September
    Frost 1 for December

    I don’t envy you. This must be difficult for you!

    • Well, thank you for your feedback! I’ve contemplated creating two generic calendars so I wouldn’t toss too many photos aside. But since I’m creating other themes, I thought I’d stick to one generic this year. However, as I take more photos, I’ll have more materials to create additional calendars next year, as well as recreate these for 2015. Eventually I hope to have a nice calendar collection to choose from. One can only dream… 🙂

  2. I agree it’s hard to choose! Here are some of my favorites for the ones that have a few photos per month:

    March – pear blossoms
    May – yellow rose
    June – butterfly
    July – pin cushion because it looks like fireworks
    August – ocean waves
    Sept – I love all the waterlillies and can’t decide between purple or pink 1
    Oct – full moon
    Nov – either the sumac or poplars
    Dec – frost 1

    Those are all great choices with lots of variety – good luck narrowing them down!

    • Thank you! And it’s so hard to make final choices because everybody likes something different! I see a few favorites though, so they will help a bit in making my final selection. I’m definitely making a second (and maybe third) generic calendar next year!

  3. So many great photos! Here are my picks for when you have multiple choices for a month:

    Feb: pic #1
    Mar: pear blossom because of the water in the previous photo
    May: yellow rose because of the purple in the June photo
    July: plumeria because of the orange dragonfly you chose for June
    Aug: seagull photo
    Sept: pink water lily #1
    Oct: full moon
    Nov: sycamore or poplars
    Dec: frost #3

  4. Here are my preferences (although all of them would make it wonderful):
    Feb-1st rock pic
    Mar Pear blossoms
    May – Yellow rose
    June- butterfly
    July Plumeria
    Aug-grass or waves
    Sep Purple water lily
    Oct-Almost full moon (incredible)
    Nov – Sumac
    Dec-Frost 3 or 2

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