Fall in San Diego: golden light and double rainbows

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Today I want to take a little time to share a few photos I took recently. Remember you can click on each photo for a larger view. The temperatures have been steadily dropping down in San Diego and we’ve had far from perfect weather these past few weeks. Fall is definitely here in San Diego.

It first started with a lot of clouds and a lot of wind, but no rain. Here’s what the golden hour looked like behind my house a couple of weeks ago. Can you believe not a single drop of rain fell on that day?

Golden hour in San Diego in the fall
Golden hour in San Diego in the fall

Since then, the skies have been covered with clouds, most often white puffy ones, but sometimes very gray ones. Here’s a golden sunrise behind my house from a few days ago. This is quite unusual for this time of year.

Golden sunrise in San Diego
Golden sunrise in San Diego

We had a ton of rain this past Saturday. The temperatures didn’t go above the 50s and I just kept shivering the whole day. But look what showed up when the rain stopped: a double rainbow! You may think it’s no big deal, but we very rarely get rainbows in San Diego (maybe two a year) and never in December. And a double rainbow? That’s once every few years. Lucky me!

Double rainbow in San Diego - December 2013
Double rainbow in San Diego – December 2013

Since this weekend, we’ve experienced some frigid temperatures (upper 20s overnight). This is terrible for the million-dollar California crops, and probably just as bad for my snapdragons in the backyard.

But cold temperatures and a few clouds can make for another pretty sunrise. This is what I went outside to photograph yesterday morning at sunrise. Brrrrr…. but it was worth the shot.

Fall sunrise with blue sky and clouds in San Diego
Fall sunrise with blue sky and clouds in San Diego

How is the weather treating you where you are? Are you getting snowed in in the East Coast and the Midwest? Are you freezing in the Northwest? Is Florida even spared from this early winter?


9 thoughts on “Fall in San Diego: golden light and double rainbows

  1. I love the way the light hits the trees in that top photo. Very pretty.

    I guess I need to accept the fact that winter came early to NE Ohio this year and just get on with it. I kept thinking, “The snow will melt. It never comes this early. It’ll warm up again.” Well, it’s snowing as I write this, and there’s been white on the ground more times than not in the past couple weeks. Sigh.

  2. Wow! I love that first one with the mixture of light hitting the trees and the swirling dark sky. Great rainbow too. Your crazy weather is much prettier than the crazy weather here. We did get some snow but not enough for a snow day so I’m still hoping. Other than that, everything is completely frozen. I can’t decide on your calendars so I’ll have to get a few.

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