Help me pick photos for my 2014 water theme calendar… and maybe win a calendar?

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I want to thank everyone who gave me such positive feedback on my post earlier this week regarding themes for my 2014 photo calendars. Today, I’d like to showcase a selection of water theme photos and ask you to choose which ones should make it into the calendar. It might be easier to tell me which ones you’d really want to see, and which ones I should definitely keep. Just give me your honest feedback and help me make great choices.

Now, here’s the catch. Everyone who comments on one of my 2014 photo calendar related posts will be entered in a drawing to win one of my calendars (you can pick your favorite theme). The only requirement I have for the winner is to be located within the U.S., mostly because the calendar will contain U.S. holidays and it will be more helpful to that person. For every calendar post that you comment on, you will earn one drawing entry (one entry per blog post, not per comment). I’m planning to give away one calendar to a lucky winner, and possibly another one to the person who comes in second, depending on the number of participants.

Sell me which photos I should include, or not, in this water theme 2014 photo calendar. You can click on any photo below to open the slideshow and view everything in a larger format. Please include your comments into the post comment section directly, not on individual photos, to make it easier for everyone to see your feedback. I know some of the photos are in portrait instead of landscape format, but I’d go back to the original and crop it the right way if it’s a favorite.

Are you ready? Go!