Frosty mornings in San Diego, California

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Guess what I’ve been doing almost every morning these past couple of weeks? Taking photos of the frost we’ve been experiencing here in San Diego, California. It is CHILLY here, down to 30 degrees, even 28 recently, every single night. And the days are not very warm, even with the winter sun shining through a cloudless sky. The wind is a killer too. After we suffered from repetitive heatwaves the whole summer, Mother Nature must have thought we’d appreciate a cooling trend. And she’s right. I’ll take 30-degree winter nights anytime over 105-degree summer afternoons. 🙂

I’ve been taking lots of photos of frosty leaves and frosty plants. I don’t want to bore you to death so I’ll split them in a few posts, with other themes in between. Remember you can click on each image for a larger view.

We don’t get snow here so frost is the closest to ice we’re going to get. Talking about ice, here are some beautiful ice crystals on a leaf.

Frosty ice crystals on a leaf
Frosty ice crystals on a leaf

If you like ice crystals, how about these long ice crystals on twigs? Now that’s a lot of ice, brrrr!

Frosty ice crystals on twigs
Frosty ice crystals on twigs

I’ve saved my favorite photo for the end. I love how frost can also look like sugar frosting and I think this photo is the perfect example of a frosty leaf. I love how the ice crystals at the top of the picture are trying to recreate the missing end of the leaf. Out of all the photos of frost I’ve taken (and you’ll get to see more in upcoming posts), I think this is my favorite photo.

Frost on leaves - looks like sugar frosting
Frost on leaves – looks like sugar frosting