Macro Monday: Dandelion in seed

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Today I’m taking part in Macro Monday at Lisa’s Chaos. I took my kids to a local county park yesterday and although the gray weather wasn’t warm enough to spend more time than needed on our picnic, it was perfect weather for a hike. We enjoyed beautiful views of the hills, the meadows and the trees. And we got to enjoy plenty of smaller parts of nature, including many flowers and insects.

For this Macro Monday, I’ve decided to feature a dandelion in seed. Believe or not, I’ve never taken a photo of one, so this was a first for me. Not all of it came out in focus so next time I’ll have to play with the depth of field a little bit more. I have to say my kids were very patient and waited until I was all done with my photos to pick this dandelion and blow on its seeds.

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Macro Monday: Dandelion in seed
Macro Monday: Dandelion in seed
Macro Monday: close-up of a dandelion in seed
Macro Monday: close-up of a dandelion in seed

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